Greenland Overseas
Overseas Expansion
Since 2012, Greenland Group has launched its all-round overseas development strategy and has been seizing critical opportunities by relying on its powerful strength, overwhelming influence at home and abroad as well as resource superiority. Greenland Group has always been insisting on independent development and operation, culturing self-owned internationalized teams and actively taking advantage of domestic and overseas resources to explore the markets both at home and abroad. Up to date, it has formed an internationalized layout in 13 cities in 9 countries on 4 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe and North America).

Meeting with foreign political leaders
Attention from international rating agencies and overseas mainstream media
Yuliang Zhang, Chairman and President of Greenland Group, paid an official visit to Arthur Sulzberger, Chairman of New York Times in New York, USA, and discuss on the deepening of their worldwide cooperation.

The overseas development of Greenland Group has drawn fervent attention from overseas mainstream media, among which, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, PR Newswire, Reuters, BBC and Financial Times have all paid earnest attention and made special coverage

Three leading international rating agencies - Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's have respectively issued Greenland the rating of BBB, BBB, and B Greenland 3 as the long-term credit rating,which reflected the high appraisal for Greenland’s industrial development, governance prowessand financial strength.
Greenland Group has successfully played its billboard video advertisement on the giant screen of Times Square, making its official debut on "Crossroads of the World" with the most valuable advertisement promotion, and demonstrated to the world the brand value and corporate image of being the "ultra-high-rise building expert from China".

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